Night Childcare services in Los Angeles, CA

As the owner of Baby Nurse and Doula Services in Los Angeles, my goal is to act as an extended member of your family who you can rely on when you need outstanding, comprehensive Night Childcare Services for your children

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Night Childcare Services – Los Angeles

Baby Nurse and Doula Services | Veronica Hinojosa-Stang was nominated the “Most awesome  Business” in 2013 in the “Doula” category in Los Angeles, CA. Having a bachelor’s degree in Education and 42 certifications under my hat, allows me to provide the best education for you as a parent while providing also safe and attentive Night chidcare services  your baby (s) deserve .

There are different terminologies that new moms use to describe a Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse) or a Night Postpartum Doula. The objective is to find a qualified  Night Childcare provider in Los Angeles to take care of your newborn while you are healing after delivery or adjusting your life style after surrogacy or following an adoption.

As the owner of Baby Nurse and Doula Services , my goal is to act as an extended member of your family who you can rely on when you need outstanding, comprehensive Night Chidcare Services  for your children and from whom you would be educated , informed, and supported  in your transitioning into Parenthood.

Prospective Parents choose Night Childcare Services  from Baby Nurse and Doula Services  in their new journey as a parents  because I’m:

  • Highly Qualified
  • Highly experienced and responsive
  • Committed to providing excellent Newborn, Infant care and great Night childcare services.

The prompt and professional Night child care services you need can be found at Baby Nurse and Doula Services | Veronica Hinojosa-Stang. I have references available from satisfied parents throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Contact me today for more information.

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  • Surrogacy Doula
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Areas Served

Veronica Hinojosa-Stang offers her services in the Greater Los Angeles –Ca and available as your Traveling Baby Nurse, Newborn Adoption Doula and International Doula for Surrogacy.

Areas served in The Greater Los Angeles area:

Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach,

Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes,

Long Beach, Marina del Rey, Mar Vista,

Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica,

Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Studio City,

North Hollywood,  Glendale, Calabasas,

Sherman Oaks, Burbank, Tarzana, Pasadena.

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